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Our Latest Adventure

It's about history, mystery, and

one doggone cute tour guide!  

Kickstarter-funded and created from the ground-up with love in Chicago, the Jack Chaps book was printed in April 2015 by Worzalla Publishing in Wisconsin with an initial print-run of 1,876. Click below for more information about the making of the book!

Jack Chaps Video
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Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, and Hercule Poirot… meet their match …. in Jack Chaps! This diminutive dog detective has a nose for sniffing out city mysteries. Join Jack Chaps in his city sleuthing debut as he investigates who or what caused the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  To solve this mystery, Jack Chaps tours the city looking for clues and a cow named Moo-ster Bumpy who supposedly knows what really happened that ill-fated night of the fire!  


- the “L” (aka Chicago Transit Authority)

“I wholeheartedly endorse it!”

- the John Hancock

“It’s a home run!” 

“Jack Chaps is on the right track!”  

- Wrigley Field

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